Sounds In Sync Release Update Of EdiPrompt With New Overlay Features

01-15-2014 10:52 AM

Our friends at Sounds In Sync have been busy updating their screen cueing software EdiPrompt. EdiPrompt v1.8 adds to the visual overlays that EdiPrompt can generate on an Apple Desktop Display to record ADR cues or foley. v1.8 is also Pro Tools 11 compatible.
EdiPrompt reads MIDI commands sent from any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and uses them to display a variety of on-screen prompts. It can also automate the ADR and foley recording process when using Pro Tools by locating to each cue and renaming the record track. If you are doing any kind of dialog replacement of foley work then EdiPrompt makes it so much easier. Sounds in Sync produce a range of products including EdiLoad which we featured with a walk through video.
Clip Info Window In Pro Tools 11 is also resizable….

We covered the new Clip Info window introduced in pro Tools 11.1 and Mark at Sounds In Sync pointed out that it is also resizeable which makes it great for naming the dummy clips in the EdiCue workflow, as you can see all the clip name info now.