Massey AAX To Drop After NAMM - Have Your Say For AAX DSP

01-14-2014 08:49 PM

Massey have emailed out to users with news that their cool plug-ins will be shipping in AAX format shortly after NAMM, in the email they write:
“We are hard at work putting the final tweaks on our first batch of AAX plugins. We plan to release the CT5, L2007, TapeHead and vt3 for AAX shortly after returning from the NAMM trade show later this month.
Our first phase of AAX releases will be for Mac Native. After finishing up the remaining plugins, we’ll be tackling them for Windows. What about AAX DSP? Frankly we don’t yet know. We need your feedback! Anecdotally, HDX adoption has been quite lean. (Sorry Avid!) We need to ensure it’s really worth it to everyone: y’all & us. Despite the wishful thinking floated by Avid during the release of HDX, building DSP plugins is not a simple press of a button. It’s certainly easier compared to TDM development, but AAX DSP will still probably require months of work here while we might only have a handful of folks actually wanting DSP.
So, make your voice heard on the future of AAX: AAX poll
With the release of AAX, we’re making a pricing adjustment to help cover development costs of the various platforms we support. The prices of the individual plugins will remain the same. Enabling all of your plugins for a particular plugin format will be a flat, one-time $30. This means the upgrade price to AAX will be $30, regardless of the number of plugins you have. Starting February 17th, we will begin charging this $30 for our current, existing platforms (RTAS/TDM and VST2). All current customers in our database as of Feb 17th will get these deposited into their accounts for “free.” Overall, we feel this is a fair system that accurately translates the cost of maintaining these disparate platforms relative to the plugins’ base prices.
We’re also introducing a new all-in-one installer tool for the rollout of AAX. This application should greatly simplify your life especially if you have a bunch of our plugins. It’ll also help us push out updates and improvements more frequently. We hope you like it!
Thanks & Have Fun,
Steve, Todd & Kevin”
We know that many users will be excited by this news and also the openess of Steve and the Massey team to user feedback.
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