Waves Release Scheps 73 Pre Amp & WLM Plus Meter in V9r15

01-07-2014 03:40 PM

Waves have just released V9r15 and included were some nice suprises.
First up is the Scheps 73 - A new emulation of the famous Neve 1073 Pre Amp / EQ Module found in vintage Neve consoles.
This one has been developed in collaboration with top Engineer Andrew Scheps and tweaked to his specifictions.

  • The Scheps 73 features a three band EQ,
  • Fixed High Shelf frequency of 12Khz.
  • Mid Band with 7 selectable “notched” frequency points.
  • Low Shelf with 4 selectable “notched” frequency points.
  • An 18db/octave High Pass filter with 4 selectable “notched” frequency points.

In addition to the EQ, the Scheps 73 provides variable harmonic saturation ranging from thickening warmth up to hard driven “full on” distortion.
Scheps73 is included free for Mercury Bundle owners or available as a seperate purchase for anyone else.
Next up is the WLM Plus - An enhanced version of the current WLM
Heres what waves say about it:
The Waves WLM Plus Loudness Meter plugin provides precision loudness measurement, metering, correction and adjustment tools for broadcast, movie trailers, games, packaged media and more. Fully compliant with all current ITU, EBU and ATSC specifications, the WLM Plus offers comprehensive Momentary, Short Term, Long Term and True Peak readouts, as well as a unique warning and logging system that keeps track of your levels, alerting you when you’ve exceeded them - or fallen short.
WLM Plus also features Gain and Trim controls for correction of loudness levels and a True Peak Limiter, which save you the need to utilize additional equipment or software. Ideal for content creators, post production houses and cable head-end facilities, WLM Plus is an affordable, all-in-one cross-platform, multi-format loudness metering software solution.

  • ITU 1770-3, EBU and ATSC compliant
  • Foreground, dialog, and average loudness measurements
  • Momentary, Short Term and Long Term readouts
  • Gain and Trim controls for loudness normalization and correction
  • True Peak meter and True Peak limiterMono, stereo, and 5.0, 5.1 components

WLM Plus is included Free in the Broadcast and Production, Diamond, Mercury, SoundGrid and SoundGrid SD7 Pro Bundles and also available as a seperate purchase.
Along with the update to V9r15 is a new AAX shell not included in the bundle installer so if you update be sure to download the new AAX shell from here.