Pro Tools 11.1 Fixes OSX Finder Comments Ommision

01-03-2014 10:27 AM

Both Russ and Mike have been critical of the New Workspace in Pro Tools 11. Avid have very quietly fixed Mike’s issue with the Workspace….
I have been using the Workspace and more specifically the the Digibase Pro browser since Pro Tools 7 to search and catalogue my 50,000 plus sound effects. I used to use CDs and a Filemaker Pro database. So when I ripped all my sound effects, I used a bit of Applescript code I wrote, to transfer the data from my FMP database into the OS 9 Finder Comments (yes its that long ago!) for each of the sound effects files. From that I used the Import Finder Comments into Database Comments feature in Workspace and Digibase Pro.
All has been OK until Pro Tools 11. With PT11 however, Avid have chosen not to provide a conversion feature, to convert the PT10 catalogs into PT11 catalog format. No problem, I thought, I will just create a new catalog in Pro Tools 11, but I can’t because Avid has also taken away the Import From Finder Comments feature in Pro Tools 11 so I am screwed both ways.
I now cannot search my sound effects from the Workspace at all. I have had some suggestions which involve using Soundminer temporarily or permanently, but Avid, to break the Catalog system two ways in this so called new, and easier to use Workspace makes it a joke.
With Pro Tools 11.1 Avid have fixed it two ways….

  • They have restored the Copy OSX Finder Comments To Database Comments to the toolbox options in the Workspace so I can now import my data held in the OSX Finder Comments of my sound effects files.
  • But even better than that, I no longer need to do that as there is an option to display what is in the OSX Finder Comments.

Its a shame that Avid didn’t include this in the long list of what has been fixed in Pro Tools 11.1 but thanks to Ceri Thomas for alerting me to it.
Why didn’t Avid announce this?
However its a shame I didn’t find out about this earlier. Having posted about this on the DUC as well, Frank Kruse suggested I used Soundminer’s Mirror function and create a new copy of my sound effects library with proper File Comments…
As a once and for all work-around you could take your library to someone who has soundminer pro and batch-copy the finder-comments to the proper BWAV meta-data and embed that. That should “fix” the issue for all times and also makes your library cross-platform. Finder comments are not a very future-proof area to store such valuable data anyway. And you wouldn’t have to live (or die) on PT’s mercy reading the finder-comments every time a new version is released.
With the help of Mike Aiton I did just that and I have a shiny new library with the proper BWAV meta-data.
Typical that literally within days of the Avid release Pro Tools 11.1, not knowing that Avid had fixed the Finder Comments issue, I spent time creating a new catalog with proper BWAVs with metadata, but at least as Frank points out I am no longer locked into having to depend on the mp3s with OSX Finder Comments.