OMF Import From FCP7 Into Pro Tools 11 May Be Fixed

01-02-2014 05:00 PM

After assurances on the DUC that there would be a number of OMF and AFF fixes coming in the Pro Tools 11.1 update in our story on What Has Been Fixed in Pro Tools 11.1 we see that there are two points relating to OMF and AAF imports…

  • PTSW-182253: **made a point to mention audio only, since OMF files containing video are not supported. “Fixed an issue that would prevent Pro Tools from importing some audio-only OMF files.”
  • PTSW-167656: Improved handling of AAF files that contain source material of mixed frame rates.

We have now seen an early report from P. J. in Finland that it is now possible to import an OMF from FCP7 into Pro Tools 11.1 succesfully.
Please let us know if 11.1 has fixed your OMF and AAF problems or not.