AAX Plug-Ins That Got My Attention In 2013

12-31-2013 11:01 AM

For a lot of Pro Tools plug-in developers 2013 was spent porting to AAX, thankfully they still managed to create some new innovations or AAX versions of classic hardware.
Here is my list of AAX Plug-Ins That Got My Attention In 2013.
Softube Abbey Road Studios Brilliance Pack

These 3 EQs reissued by Softube prove that less can be more. The Softube Abbey Road Brilliance pack offer simple, fixed band EQs that add that something special when mixing tracks. We reviewed it here.
Maag EQ4

Arriving recently on the UAD platform the Maag EQ4 could possibly be the only EQ you would ever need, it is pure class and reminds me of mixing on an old console. Sell a body part and buy it. We reviewed it here.
Synchro Arts Revoice Pro

Revoice Pro concentrates on doing vocal alignment well and Synchro Arts worked hard to make sure that both music and post Pro Tools users were given a powerful plug-in. With AAX porting, pitch added, a unique Revoice Monitor option and more workflow enhancements than you can throw a stick stick at, Synchro Arts worked hard to respond to user feedback all year. We reviewed it here.
iZotope RX3

Improving RX2 was not going to be easy, but iZotope did it with RX3, offering real-time noise reduction, de-reverb and tons of workflow and power improvements, if you work in post production then this one plug-in will save you hours of time, projects and clients. It is without doubt a must have plug-in for any professional audio editor. Watch Mike’s demo of it here and learn how to use it here with Mike’s video tutorial series iZotope RX3 Explained.
McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ

It’s a bold claim to suggest that anything is the ‘ultimate’ but the McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ is another one a reach for again and again when I’m mixing. It offers 11 unique EQs in a 500 series style rack, one thing I love doing is setting up the sound and then switching between modules to see which works best. We reviewed it here.
Zynaptiq Pitchmap

Part genius, part voodoo, the Zynaptiq Pitchmap offers the user pitch manipulation possibilities that are mind blowing. Watch our show and tell review here to see what we mean.
Blue Cat MB7

Not only does the Blue Cat MB7 offer an excellent multiband EQ, it also offers Pro Tools 11 users the option to use any 64 bit VST plug-in they want in Pro Tools. It has been a life-saver for Pro Tools users wanting to move to Pro Tools 11 without having to wait for AAX ports, it also offers the chance to use VST plug-ins that will never be AAX. We reviewed it here.
Vienna Ensemble Pro 5

Another plug-in that offers a serious tool-kit for any Pro Tools music production user. VEP5 is a powerful plug-in host to give access to the awesome Vienna orchestral libraries, but this is just the start, it also offers all Pro Tools users the option to host either VST (PC) or AU (Mac) plug-ins using a unique server technology, even better the server can run on a separate computer over an ethernet connection offering almost limitless power for the user. We reviewed it here.
Sound Radix Auto Align

Sound Radix decided to come up with a simple and effective solution to the age-old problem of multi-microphone recording, phase. We found it both simple and powerful for effective alignment, it does something that no other plug-in can do. Watch our review here
In the next few days some more of the team will be sharing their own highlights. Which plug-ins got your attention in 2013?