Community Question - Saving Bounces To Your Prefered Location

12-29-2013 10:00 AM

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community. Here is one from Beau Bonetti
So I’ve got a tip that is not a Pro Tools tip per se, but it sure comes in handy when I’m working in Pro Tools. It’s more of a Mac OS tip for saving and file management (it does not apply to Windows).
When I do a bounce to disk (or more often an “export regions” command after a bounce to track) and need to specify a save-to location, 99% of the time I’d like to save it in the same location as the session file. But the save dialogue window the pops up often ends up showing me a different location. So, here’s what I do to quickly navigate to my session folder:
Before I do the bounce or export regions command, I “command-click” the name of the session (at the top of the edit window). This shows me the file path of the session. I can then click on the folder that the session is in and immediately get to the location of the session in the Finder. I use this so often because depending on the project, the organization of sessions can get pretty complicated with subfolders etc.
Now that I have the session’s folder in front of me (in the Finder), I command-tab back to Pro Tools and do a bounce to disk. When the save-to dialogue window appears I command-tab back to Finder, click-hold the folder I’d like to save the file to and command-tab back to Pro Tools and drop the folder into the save-to dialogue window. Boom! You can now save the file exactly where you want it.
This may sound more complicated than it actually is but I just find it much easier to get around in Finder than in the save-to dialogue window so this saves me a lot of time (in all apps, not just Pro Tools). Combine that with the command-click of the session’s file name to get to the session’s enclosing folder within Finder and it makes getting around much easier.
Mike - It is an interesting tip for Mac users that picks up on some of the features in the Mac OS. As the Pro Tools default mode is to offer you the Audio Files folder of the session you are working on, I simply go up one level to the main session folder and choose that as it is where I store bounces etc to make them easy to find and still relate to the session they come from.