Problems With iLoks - Read Our New FAQ Section On iLoks

12-28-2013 11:00 AM

We have had alot of questions recently on the podcast that relate to issues with iLoks like an iLok not showing up or wanting to to buy and sell iLok licenses.
To help you on our FAQ page in the Support menu, we have put together a comprehensive section on iLoks. In this section we cover….
How to set up an iLok Account
The iLok License Manager Features
iLok Licence Manager Video
How To Label Your iLok And Have Fun Too
What If An iLok Fails On A Pro Tools System?
Advice And Guidance On Buying & Selling Licenses On iLoks

If you have an issue with an iLok or you are looking to buy and sell licenses, especially Pro Tools 10 & 11 licenses then do check out the iLok section of the FAQ page first.