Slate Digital Give AAX Update Schedule For Pro Tools Plug-ins

12-25-2013 08:55 AM

As part of his Christmas newsletter Steven Slate has published a schedule for AAX updates. He writes:

  • VTM is January 20th.
  • SSD4 is early January… it is in internal beta right now and it is going to public beta next week.
  • VCC will be mid February
  • FG-X is being completely rewritten and recoded. It will have an even better algorithm that will be more effortless to get results, easier to use, and it will do its job better. It will be a free update for all users. I plan to have it by early March, and I assure you it will be amazing. I know many of you will be upset about this delay, but please note that I am still actively hiring new developers to help speed it up, so there is a chance it can come sooner. It is an extremely complex code structure and unfortunately, it takes a lot of advanced code knowledge to do it properly.

For more information on Slate plug-ins visit their website