5 Vocal Video Tutorials For Pro Tools You May Have Missed

12-22-2013 11:03 AM

We often joke on the Pro Tools Expert team that we’ve made so many Pro Tools video tutorials that sometimes we forget what videos we have. We’re not surprised we have over 1,000 videos on Pro Tools Expert, many of them free Pro Tools video tutorials.
Here are 5 FREE Pro Tools video tutorials on vocals… enjoy!
Get The Perfect Vocal Sound
In this video Russ shows the cool trick of comping vocals. How to get a perfect vocal without a single auto-tune in sight!
How To Sit Vocals In A Mix In Pro Tools
In this video Russ shows some work flows for getting a vocal to sit better in a mix using Pro Tools.
Create Stutter And Pitch Shift Vocals
Russ shows how to create stutter and pitch shift vocal effects.

Create Great Backing Vocals In Pro Tools

In this session Russ shows you how he create both simple double tracked and complex harmonies.

He also shows how to group and mix the backing vocals.

Create An Exciter Effect In Pro Tools

Find out how you can create an exciter effect in Pro Tools and add sheen and air to vocals and other tracks.