10 AAX Reverbs Worth Considering For Pro Tools

12-20-2013 11:00 AM

There’s a lot of AAX reverb plug-ins making an appearance for Pro Tools 11, many of them are very good. Here are 10 AAX reverbs for Pro Tools 11 worth considering.
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Avid Dverb
Before you reach for your wallet then you might want to consider the Dverb, a reverb used by a lot of producers over the years including Tony Maserati, Dot Da Genius and many more. It might be free and easy to use, but don’t let that found you. Supports AAX Native, AAX DSP and RTAS.

Exponential Audio Pheonix Verb
From the man who coded many of the Lexicon reverbs, this new kid on the block has a very rich heritage, an awesome sound and a lot of tweakablity. Check out the video here. Supports AAX Native, RTAS, VST and AU.

Rob Papen RP-Verb
This is a very unique reverb with some really nice added extras, in some ways reminiscent of the SPX90 with its ensemble feature, it really shines on dance and synths but has far more to offer than just that genre. Check out Mike’s review here. Supports AAX Native, RTAS, VST and AU.

Softube Spring Reverb
Sometimes what you need is a spring reverb and there’s no better one than the Softube Spring Reverb, great on guitars, electric pianos and even vocals in the right track. It’s also one of the few reverbs listed here that offers DSP for HDX users. It’s so realistic that if you whack the side of your computer it klangs! Supports AAX Native, AAX DSP, RTAS, VST and AU.

Softube TSAR
This is the go-to reverb of several members of the Pro Tools Expert team, not a convolution in sight, but an utterly amazing plug-in that should grace the desk of every Pro Tools user. The plates are especially nice. Supports AAX Native, RTAS, VST and AU.

Sonnox Oxford Reverb
Meticulously coded and filled with more tweaking controls than the Space Shuttle, the Sonnox Oxford Reverb is loved by both music and post mixers alike, it’s also one of the few DSP based reverbs for HDX users. Supports AAX Native, AAX DSP, RTAS, VST and AU.

UAD Lexicon 224
It’s UAD, it’s a Lexicon - need we say more? Modelled on the original workhorse reverb of hundreds of top studios, this baby has been heard on more albums than you can count. Excellent for vocals and drums with its wide range of rooms, halls and plates. Supports AAX Native (Mac beta), RTAS, VST and AU.

UAD Ocean Way Studios
Why settle for any room when you can have Ocean Way Studios, this plug-in offers the user the chance to use it as a room emulation insert or a reverb emulation on sends, in either case this is very special. Check out Russ’ review here. Supports AAX Native (Mac beta), RTAS, VST and AU.

Vienna Symphonic Convolution Reverb
One of the few convolution reverbs on the list, the VSL Convolution Reverb offers excellent reverbs and as you would expect perfect for orchestral, acoustic and movie work - not one to be missed. Supports AAX Native, RTAS, VST and AU.

Waves TrueVerb
With so many reverbs to choose from Waves, the TrueVerb is an excellent reverb for almost any application, offering great presets and sound, coupled with ease of use, the Waves TrueVerb is one to try on mix. Supports AAX Native, RTAS, VST and AU.
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