People's Choice Prize Draw Winner Day 2

12-19-2013 10:35 AM

The winner on day 2 of the People’s Choice Prize Draw is M Berry.
He said “I voted for the Blue Cat MB-7. The ability to host VST is good. Also, I had been fooling around with using filters to split bands to do parallel compression & this makes the whole process so much nicer. But the real winning feature for me is the midi integration with the controls. This allows me to do some really nice control tricks. I really wish that Avid would apply this midi philosophy to some of the controls in Pro Tools. I am really liking Blue Cat these days. I happily used the spec. analyzer in their free bundle for a long time (you may remember I submitted a tip to use it as a distortion meter). When the deal for the MB7 hit, I got it immediately & loved it from the start. It was a ‘no-brainer’ then for me to trade it up for the entire bundle. IMO, this company is doing some really good, fresh thinking.”
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