Cliff Maag Snr Expects The "Greatest Engineers That Have Ever Been"

12-18-2013 07:20 AM

There’s a lot of love for Maag products on our team, their hardware is awesome and thanks to team Plug-in Alliance now we can have the EQ4 in a plug-in too!
We found this interview with Cliff Maag Snr of Maag Audio from the 100th Annivesary Pensado’s Place recorded live at NAMM 2013, it doesn’t take long to discover the passion that drives Cliff to make the products he does. To see a man of the calibre of Cliff Maag talk about a generation that will create “the grestest engineers that have even been” is both exciting and moving.

Cliff not only builds some cool recording gear but also runs his own Studio the Record Lab and has worked on countless albums for both high end and aspiring artists.
We will be having Cliff Maag Snr on the Pro Tools Expert Podcast in 2014 to talk about his work, his ethos and more about that passion that drives him to create audio excellence.
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