25 Top Pro Tools, Recording And Business Tips You May Have Missed

12-16-2013 01:00 PM

We often run a ‘5 Ways’ article filled with tips for either getting the besy from Pro Tools, general recording advice, or business tips, after all there’s a lot of money to be made AND lost if you don’t take care of business.
Here are 5 articles that we ran and that got a lot of interest in the early part of 2013.

5 Ways To Better Loops That Will Cost You Nothing
Loops are a two sided coin, one side inspiration and hit making, the other side derivative and over-used. So how can you make sure that when you use loops your coin lands on the right side?
Here are our top 5 tricks that will cost you nothing…

5 Ways To Get A Great Job In Music Production And Keep It
A few days ago I wrote an article on how to make a great living in the creative sector. A lot of you found that article helpful, but for some it was more about running a business than getting hired.
Some of you just want to get a great job, there’s nothing wrong with that. Some are wired to run a business, some are not, in fact great businesses are made up of great employees, so why not become one of them? If you’re a parent with a kid at college, then this article may be just what you’ve been looking for.
Here are the top five things I tell my kids on how to get a great job, stay hired and get promoted.

5 Cheap Ways To Deal With Noise In Your Home Studio
Whilst we have top studios and producers within our community who have the benefit of amazing recording spaces, we also have many who work in their bedroom, office, cellar, in spaces they may double-up for other uses and so being able to create isolation is hard. Often people think that it’s all about buying the right mics, but it’s also about creating the right space to record in, you can have a $5000 microphone for vocals, but if there’s a fan in the same room, then you’ve wasted your money.
Here are our top 5 ways to try and create a much quieter space to record in

5 Top Tips For Making A Great Living In The Creative Sector
The biggest challenge for many people working in the creative sector is that they have never had any formal business training. One day they are programming a synth, the next day they are running a studio, or one day they are doing the sound for a friends film and the next day running a post house. Well, not quite the next day, but there are so many people who have found themselves accidental business owners, perhaps you’re one of them? Well if you are, then there’s hope, you might have got here by accident, but you can still take control of your future.
Here are my top 5 tips for making sure you not only make a living, but a great one

5 Common Mistakes When Recording Vocals
Often a bad vocal gets blamed on the performer and yet some of the best vocal performances have been ruined by bad technical issues with recording engineers getting a great performance down badly.
Here are our 5 common mistakes made when recording vocals.