Exclusive - Source Elements To Release Source-Nexus Stereo

12-16-2013 09:59 AM

Last week we announced Source-Nexus from the team at Source Elements. With Pro Tools, Source-Nexus allows users to directly integrate virtually any application without using external cables using the AAX plug-in, and allows all CoreAudio audio applications to record and be recorded from your Pro Tools timeline. At the time there were some comments about the price and we had a conversation behind the scenes with the Source Elements team.
Exclusive - Source-Nexus Stereo
We can exclusively announce that Source Elements are planning to release stereo and free versions of Source Nexus. The stereo version, when it is released will be priced at $125. However the team at Source Elements don’t want anyone to have to wait until the stereo version is available so very soon you will be able to buy Source-Nexus Stereo for just $95. What will happen is you will get a 90-day iLok Rental License of fully featured multi-channel version, then once they release Source-Nexus Stereo they will deposit your permanent license for Source-Nexus Stereo into your iLok account.
If during this rental period, you find you cannot do without the extra features in multi-channel full version of Source-Nexus, which can handle up to 24 channels, until Source-Nexus Stereo is released you will have the option to upgrade to the full version for $150 saving you in total $50 on the normal price of Source Nexus Multi-channel.
Other Plug-in Formats Coming….
There are plans to release the Source-Nexus plug-in in AudioUnits and VST formats too.
Source-Nexus Free
We can also exclusively announce that Source Elements are planning to release a free version of Source-Nexus as well as the multi-channel and stereo versions. The free version won’t have a plug-in, but will be great for routing between applications when you aren’t using an audio workstation.
Review To Follow
A show and tell video review will follow soon so you can see exactly what it can do.