Source Elements Announce Source-Nexus

12-12-2013 05:28 PM

We have looked at a number of different ways of getting ausio in and out of Pro Tools to and from other applications. Check Source-Nexus out from Source Elements.
Source-Nexus is an audio application router. For example, you can record remote voiceover from Source-Connect directly in Final Cut or Media Composer, or even better playback iTunes to Pro Tools, even patch Pro Tools to and from Nuendo. All at the same time!
With Pro Tools, Nexus allows Pro Tools users to directly integrate virtually any application without using external cables using the AAX plug-in, and allows all CoreAudio audio applications to record and be recorded from your Pro Tools timeline.
As ‘Mr RX It’, Mike will be using this to route iZotope’s RX3 through into Pro tools, so he can always use the high quality audio interfaces with Pro Tools HDX rather than the Mac audio output.