Mike's Goto Stereo To Surround Upmixing Plug-ins

12-12-2013 10:50 AM

Mike was asked this in podcast 94 by Peter Juul Kristensen….
When UpConverting (UpWrappin’) audio (mainly music mixes or parts of music mixes) from 2.0 to 5.1 I use Waves UM226 and the TC S6000 when available. What are your go’to plugins for the same task?
Mike has two goto plug-ins and they are the Penteo Surround from ADL and the Anymix Pro plug-in from Iosono.
Penteo Surround

We reviewed the RTAS version of Penteo Surround, which is very cleverly named being a hybrid of pent meaning five and mashing it with stereo to get Penteo. This plug-in provides an excellent stereo compatible downmix of its upmix as you can see in Mike’s review here.
We understand that they will be releasing an AAX 64 bit version for Pro Tools 11 very soon.
AnyMix Pro

AnyMix Pro from Iosono is way more than an upmixing plug-in. As you can see from Mike’s review here it is also a surround panner that can pan sounds to and from outside the surround sound stage as well as being a good upmixing plug-in. Anymix Pro is already available in AAX 64 bit for use with Pro Tools 11.
Peter mentioned the Waves UM225/6 in his question and the Unwrap plug-in from TC Electronic which currently is available in the TC Electronic S6000 unit or if you are still running a TDM HD system you can use it as a Pro Tools plug-in. However TC Electronic have not yet made an announcement if Unwrap is going to be ported to AAX 64 bit for Pro Tools 11, so if you need to upmix from stereo to 5.1 then do check Mike’s two goto plug-ins Penteo Surround from ADL and the Anymix Proplug-in from Iosono.