An Update On Help For Bernie Torelli from Nomad Factory

12-11-2013 07:27 PM

Less than a week ago, we posted a story about the plight of Bernie Torelli at Nomad Factory who has unfortunately been admitted in a hospital in Los-Angeles for a serious spine disease due to a cancer he was diagnosed with over two years ago and the plan from the team at Don’t Crack to raise funds for him.
We can announce that so far they have raised and sent over $60,000 to Bernie’s family already. But it is unfortunately still far short of the necessary funds needed to cover Bernie’s growing medical costs. They are therefore keeping the “Raising Funds” promotion going until December 31, 2013.
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Eric Nolot - CEO & President of says…
On behalf of Bernie and his family, I want to thank ALL of you that have spontaneously participated in our “Raising-Funds” promotion, contributing to making it so successful up until now! We have given Bernie a reason to smile and a great big dose of hope… And that is surely the very best medicine. Thank you so much!
It would be great to give Bernie and his family an even bigger Christmas present, so you are able to help then please do.