2Q Wireless Controller Now Available For Source Talkback

12-10-2013 07:17 PM

In a recent story we covered the release of a new version of Source-Talkback plug-in from Source Elements. It is now AAX 64 bit for Pro Tools 11 and has the much requested Auto talkback feature.
It also allows for single key toggle and latch, and now featuring the new Auto mode that enables the talkback when the transport is stopped.
Its compatible with external switches for wireless talkback control. which makes it more affordable and convenient than external hardware.
We can now reveal that 2Q are making a special version of their wireless talkback button solution especially for the Source-Talkback plug-in. It will come with a USB dongle as the receiver and so with Source Talkback and a wireless remote from 2Q you don’t need to have large desks or other hardware to handle your talkback needs whether its talking to talent in your voice booth or the other side of the world via Source Connect.