Thank You Community - Brahma Ambisonics Mic Is Fully Funded

12-02-2013 12:04 PM

Yesterday we posted this story about a Brahma Microphones, small company using Kickstarter to try and fund development and manufacture a new low cost ambisonics microphone.
They started their appeal on November 1st 2013 and when we posted the story yesterday they only had 16 hours to go. At that point they had raised $20,000 but were still $5,000 short and were not optimisitc of reaching of their target.
15 hours to go for the brahma microphone kickstarter project to end, we are at 20000 dollars so we will probably fall short.
Within 8 hours of us posting the story they had reached reached their target and so could progress and in fact at the end they had $28,414 pledged.
They were delighted with the response and tweeted back to Mike….

Thank you to everyone who reached out and helped this small team of entrepeneurs reach their target. We are hoping to review the Brahma microphone as soon as they can get one to us.