Community Tip - Remapping Laptop Keyboard Solution

12-02-2013 10:22 AM

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community. Here is one from the winner of Podcast 92 - Uli Rennert….
Just researched a bit on how keyboard shortcuts could be optimised for MacBook users, since we lack a numeric keyboard, for example. I found a nice little freeware app called KeyRemap4MacBook which is capable of – you guessed it – remapping your keyboard. For my own use I came up with the following snippets:

  1. Remapping cmd-Ü (I’m on a german keyboard) to cmd-numeric-7 for toggling my memory locations window on and off.
  2. Remapping cmd-1 and cmd 7 to Z and U respectively to switch zoomer and smart tool without having to use multiple keys.

It is even possible to define, if the remapping should take place always or with/without any modifier keys. And you can specify Pro Tools for being the only program remapping takes effect.
Mike - As you say because the laptop hasn’t got a dedicated number pad, so creating and recalling location points is a challenge. I used it to remap the right hand Option key to become the Enter key because when using Locate points you must use the Enter key because the Return key will take the cursor back to the start of the session. But I haven’t had it for a while because when I updated my OS it stopped working, and I assumed it hadn’t been updated but it is great to see that it is still available for all the recent Mac OS’es including a new version for Mavericks.