5 Tangible Ways To Express Thanksgiving This Season

11-29-2013 11:39 AM

In the UK we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving - it may be a bridge too far for us grumpy Brits. Joking apart, whatever the historical reasons are for the holiday, the principle of thanks in one that we should all embrace more often. Here are 5 tangible ways to express thanksgiving this season. I recommend you take a moment to do it, it could make someone’s day.

  1. Contact the people who help you do what you do and say thanks, you know who they are. They may be musicians, producers, engineers or the person who cleans up after everyone at the studio. You may appreciate them, but there’s nothing more powerful than saying it.
  2. Thank the people close to you for giving you the time, space and encouragement to pursue your dreams, I often thank my wife for allowing me the space to be who I am.
  3. Contact your suppliers and the person who gives you the advice to help you get the gear you need and say thanks - they will appreciate it.
  4. Drop an email to a manufacture of gear you use to thank them for their efforts in helping you be more creative.
  5. Say something nice on Social media - there’s enough negativity on social media to last a lifetime, the more signs of appreciation we see on there then the better we can make it.

So I’ll start the batting:

  • I want to thank all of the brand partners we have who make the stuff we use, your vision, genius, talent and creativity give us the tools we need and some things we never dreamed we would need but now we can’t work without them - so thank you!
  • I want to thank every single member of this community, your support and appreciation and continued belief in our vision makes this mad idea such fan - thank you!
  • Finally, I want to thank every one of the Pro Tools Expert team around the world, the offering of your spare time to support the community does not go unnoticed, you are worth your weight in gold… thank you!

At the risk at this sounding like a Grammy Speech, I’ll end by wishing every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving!