Abbey Road Studios Brilliance Pack Relaunched

11-27-2013 12:11 PM

Softube have announced the relaunch of the Abbey Road Studios Brilliance Pack.
Abbey Road Studios Brilliance Pack is a highly specialised, but indispensable, tool for mix engineers of all genres. The three included equalisers focus entirely on the presence/treble frequencies, breathing air into single tracks or entire mixes.
Abbey Road Studios engineers found the presence boxes excellent for guitars, vocals and drums, especially snare and kick drum direct to tape. The units were in constant operation throughout the studios during recording and mixing, used to define the sound of instruments, brighten up the feed to the echo chambers and patch over compressors to create de-essers.. They even found their way into the cutting rooms.
The original equalisers were exclusively built in-house by the Abbey Road engineers in the 1960s and quickly became a secret weapon at the studios. Before the plugin version was released, they had never been available outside of Abbey Road Studios. Softube has faithfully modelled the passive circuitry of the three original units, component by component.
See the manual for further background information on these truly unique units.
RS127 Rack (grey faceplate)
The grey RS127 Rack is the original Abbey Road Studios treble equaliser. It offers a boost or cut of up to 10 dB at 2.1, 3.5 and 10 kHz (or kilocycles per second as they used to be known).
RS127 Box (green faceplate)
When more units were needed in the studio, the portable green RS127 Box was built. The same circuit was used as in the original RS127, but with the addition of an audio transformer. The engineers quickly discovered that the transformer dramatically altered the sound character and the operating frequencies of the RS127. The frequencies got shifted a bit higher, which is of course also holds true for the plugin model.
Lastly, the RS135 was created to fill in the frequency gap that the RS127 units left out. It’s fixed at 8 kHz, offers boost only and is just as sweet and silky as its siblings.
So there you have it – a pack of brilliant, beautiful treble equalisers, straight out of Abbey Road Studios!
In short
- Adds beautifulsounding treble and presence without harshness
- Three different passive treble equalisers, modeled from Abbey Road Studios’ originals
- The original grey RS127, the green RS127 with added transformer and the 8 kHz only RS135
- Very low CPU usage
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