AAX Passes 700 Plug-in Mark

11-26-2013 08:11 AM

For some it has been frustrating waiting for their plug-ins to arrive for Pro Tools 11, for many of us we’ve now got all we need or are getting by with the awesome Blue Cat and VEP options.
That said we’ve got hold of some of the latest AAX numbers and they do look encouraging:

  • Over 700 plug-ins are now available for Pro Tools 11
  • That includes 210 virtual instruments* (During our last audit we found that each UVI library was being regarded as a VI by Avid, this is not the case, but this still puts the VI count at north of 170)
  • Over 75 companies are now developing AAX for Pro Tools 11

By any standard that’s an impressive number for a new plug-in platform - irrespective of if we think it was a good idea or not.
So, are you now moved to Pro Tools 11, or are you still waiting for your plug-ins? Take the poll and comment.
Do You Have The Plug-ins You Need For Pro Tools 11