ReFuse Software Announce AAX 64 Bit Public Beta For Lowender Plug-in

11-25-2013 03:53 PM

Existing owners and users of the great Lowender plug-in from reFuse Software can now access the public beta version that will run in Pro Tools 11. Leight Marble explains….
The Lowender subharmonic plug-in is now available in Avid’s AAX format, as a public beta version for registered users. Once the beta testing period has closed, we will be releasing a free version 1.3 update across all formats.
There is one important caveat with this beta version: Lowender AAX is not yet backwards-compatible - if you save a Pro Tools session with Lowender AAX, and then go back to the current Lowender RTAS version, your Lowender settings in that session will be lost.
When Lowender 1.3 beta testing is complete, we will release updated Lowender RTAS versions as well, which will ensure full forwards AND backwards compatibility between RTAS and AAX versions.
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I have been missing this little plug-in for a long while, so its very nice to have it back.