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    Kontakt 5 (PC/MAC) - free download

    KONTAKT 5 PLAYER is the free sample player based on award-winning KONTAKT technology. Expanding the capabilities of its successful predecessor, the free KONTAKT 5 PLAYER allows for innovative, highly playable instruments leaving technological and musical limitations behind. Due to Kontakt Script Processing you get unprecedented functionality and musicality.

    Kontakt 5 Player

    The KONTAKT 5 PLAYER can be easily expanded with 3rd party KONTAKT PLAYER libraries and NI's own growing range of innovative "Powered by KONTAKT" Instruments like the ABBEY ROAD DRUMS series, GEORGE DUKE SOUL TREASURES, SESSION STRINGS PRO, SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST and many other instruments for professional use.

    KONTAKT 5 PLAYER's Performance View is a custom panel of controls which allow you to alter individual instrument characteristics. You have the most important parameters of all your instruments at your fingertips in a clean and easy-to-use interface.

    The integrated expandable mixer section and suite of high-quality effects will let you easily take your ideas to the next production level. Background Loading dramatically reduces startup delays and the Quick-Load Menu delivers instant access to your patches.

    Supported Interfaces

    • Stand-alone
    • VST
    • Audio Units
    • RTAS (Pro Tools 9 + 10)
    • ASIO
    • CoreAudio
    • WASAPI
    • AAX Native (Pro Tools 10)
    • 64-bit AAX plugins (Pro Tools 11)

    Website & Download

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    great info!


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