Crucial - How Every Brand Should Treat Its Customers

04-16-2013 09:12 PM

You may have read my recent post about the woes of a hard drive crash. Well I tracked it down to my beloved Crucial 512 SSD drive. I was heartbroken, of all the things I didn’t want to let me down I didn’t want to believe it was the SSD.
So on contemplating buying a new one, I jumped over to the Crucial site to check some specs and saw their returns link. I clicked on it and it explained that the SSD had a 3 year warranty. I didn’t buy the drive from Crucial, I found it on Ebay. However I called them up and within 10 minutes they had given me a returns number and said a new one would be with me within 2 working days.
Perhaps we should expect this kind of service all the time, but sadly we’ve been conditioned to believe brands treating customers well is as rare as cows sh*tting chocolate angels.
Crucial may not be the cheapest brand out there but they have my business for life, not because I demanded service like some jumped up entitled 5 year old, but because I didn’t have to resort to that kind of playground behaviour. In fact the end of my call to them was like some kind of sycophantic appreciation society, with me thanking him for such outstanding service and him thanking me for not shouting down the phone, telling him I knew my rights and generally behaving like a dick.
It does lead one to ask which came first; bad customer service or bad customers?
If you’re a good customer then start using Crucial, if you’re a bad customer then shop elsewhere and don’t spoil it for the rest of us.