iZotope RX3 Explained - The Ultimate Video Tutorials From Mr RX

11-13-2013 08:10 PM

iZotope RX 3, the next generation of sound repair and restoration software has arrived! RX 3 master Mike Thornton (Mr RX It) reveals every feature and function of this in-depth industry standard solution, and shows RX 3 in action on real-world audio examples for a complete understanding of the RX 3 package. Wether you use the regular or “Advanced” version, this is the most comprehensive RX 3 video series available, so learn it right the first time, or just take your existing knowledge to the next level.
Mike begins with the important basics of RX 3 as well as common uses for the software suite. Mike covers all the different display modes, setting up your interface with RX 3, recording directly into RX 3 and how to save files and use markers and regions. Next, Mike takes you through how to treat noisy audio, distortion, hum and buzz, using spectral repair to deal with annoying noises, as well as restoration techniques for recording on vinyl or tape.
Mike covers how to use the RX 3 plug-ins in your favourite DAW as well as the brand new modules in RX3 Advanced - Dereverb and Dialog Denoiser modules and plug-ins. along the way, Mike goes deep into the “Deconstruct Module” showing you how it’s great for both sound design and restoration alike. Wrapping up the series, Mike explains all of the different signal processing utility modules all with audio examples, so you know and hear just what each of them can do.
If you’re new to RX 3 or just want to understand it inside out, spend some time with “Mr RX It” Mike Thornton, he’ll show you all you need to know and then some… Watch “iZotope RX 3

  • 32 Tutorials / Over 4 Hours Total Runtime
  • For all beginner to intermediate iZotope RX 3 or RX 3 Advanced users
  • Tutorials written by DAW guru Mike Thornton
  • Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
  • Watch Online, Download, Stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod

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