Community Tip - Managing Tempo Changes With A Click

11-12-2013 10:53 AM

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community. Here is the winner from Podcast 8 from Tom Bullen…..
For sessions with a lot of tempo and meter changes, such as classical and film/television recordings, musicians can find it difficult to hit the right tempo going into the change, especially if they’re dropping in or starting at the head of the new tempo. Changing the the tempo/meter tracks in Pro Tools to give them the correct tempo in messes up the bar numbering and all the tempos beforehand and is a headache during a pressured session. However, there’s a much quicker solution than this, which takes about five seconds as long as you prepare a little beforehand. I’ve found it extremely useful on many occasions. Before the session, print the click. Bus a metronome to an audio track and record it. Run this click instead of or alongside the midi click. If musicians are struggling to hit the new tempo, make a quick edit on this printed click track. Go to tempo change, tab to transient on the printed click track so you’re exactly on the head of the beat. Separate the region. Tab to transient forward the required number of beats you want to give them for a click in. Separate the region again, so you now have a region of the number of clicks you want to use as a count in. Hold down control, alt, command and select the region with the grabber tool. This duplicates the region much like command D but IN FRONT OF the original region. So you now have a printed click of the new tempo going into the change without having to mess around! A competent Pro Tools operator can manage this in about five seconds. Hope people find this useful.
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