SuperN Synth For Structure Half Price This Week

11-09-2013 09:12 PM

If you’re a lover of analogue synths then you will either have or want to own the classic SuperNova synth.
We own one and so we decided to sample it in all it’s glory and create 2.7gb of 100 analogue synth patches for Structure. All patches consists of 24bit 48K multi-samples in loopless format, in other words full length samples that do not use loops and allow for the entire sound to evolve. There’s everything from complex pads, killer basses, leads and even analogue drums.
Here is a short MP3 demo of just 6 of the sounds with the new SuperN Synth playing bass, arp, pad, poly, kick and hats along with Boom - some real retro goodness there!
Grab it this week for half price - normally £30 but £15 this week. Sales tax applies in EU countries.