Download now HOFA 4U ProjectTime V2 - For Free

11-09-2013 08:41 AM

You can spend alll the hours in the world working on client work but if you don’t take care of getting paid then you may as well be working for free. HOFA is offering ProjectTime v2 for FREE. This handy freeware plugin with which you can measure the time spent for your productions is now to be found on thier homepage - with a brand new interface and useful new features.


  • shows the time which has passed during a DAW project
  • time measurement in hours, minutes, seconds
  • pause function
  • writes log to see when you worked on the project
  • every log entry can be commented
  • works on Windows and Mac with any DAW, VST, VST3, AU, RTAS, AAX.

HOFA 4U ProjectTime starts the time measurement as soon as it gets loaded into a plug-in slot in your DAW (Cubase, Pro Tools, Studio One, Reaper …).

The stopped time is saved with the closing of the project. The time measurement resumes by reopening this project. More here