Softube Publish CPU Savings List For Version 2 Plug-ins

11-08-2013 10:12 AM

Our friends at Softube are so pleased with what they have managed to acheive with their new version 2 plug-ins, they have published a CPU savings list. Of course this is unverified by Pro Tools Expert, but we have no reason to doubt our lovely Swedish bearded friends, let us know what you find when using them. These figures are for native. AAX DSP also shows improvements, although not as extreme as these.
Below you will find a list of our plug-ins and their approximate change in CPU usage in version 2.0 compared to the previous version. The published figures are for using the plug-ins in stereo and at44.1kHz sample rate. Real life usage may differ slightly from these figures depending on platform, host, processor type and other variables.
Acoustic Feedback: -15%
Active Equalizer: -38%
Bass Amp Room: -36%
FET Compressor: -15%
Focusing Equalizer: -36%
Metal Amp Room: -10%
Passive Equalizer: -22%
Spring Reverb: -19%
Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor: -28%
Summit Audio EQF-100 Full Range Equalizer: -6%
Tonelux Tilt and Tilt Live: -41% and -57%
Trident A-Range: -25%
TSAR-1 Reverb: -13%
TSAR-1R Reverb: -14%
Tube Delay: -28%
Tube-Tech Classic Channel: -50%
Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor: -25%
Tube-Tech ME 1B Mid-Range Equalizer: -23%
Tube-Tech PE 1C “Pultec” Equalizer: -30%
Valley People Dyna-mite: -29%