Whitey Makes The Betty TV Email Public - It's Not Good!

11-07-2013 06:46 PM

Round 2 of the Whitey/Betty TV ‘work for free’ story.
We took a call from Betty TV after requesting a copy of the original email to Whitey after they had put out a statment saying ‘we apologise for any confusion’. They refused our request to a copy of the email, but put out a statement saying ““We use a collective licensing system through which we gain access to music which ensures both the recording artist and composer are paid. We apologise for any confusion and we have contacted the artist to clarify this. We would never use music without permission and going through the proper procedures.”
Now Whitey has made the original email public. I’m not sure what there is in the email to misunderstand or what confusion they think there was, it may not use the word free but it certainly does not suggest they will be paying for the use of his music.
Round 1 = Whitey
Round 2 = Whitey
Our advice to Betty TV, stop digging.