Buckinghamshire New University chooses HHB for major studio upgrades

11-07-2013 02:59 PM

Buckinghamshire New University relied on on our friends HHB Communications Ltd. to supply, commission and install a diverse range of professional audio equipment to meet the needs of recent studio upgrades.
HHB’s unparalleled experience supplying Pro Tools HD technology was invaluable in identifying the most cost effective Avid products, including the latest version 11 HD software, HDX hardware, two Pro Tools D-Command consoles and two C24 consoles. HHB also provided installation services, fitting the new hardware and adapting cabling.
Buckinghamshire specified new technology for the expanded curriculum that covers developing trends in audio production, such as loudness monitoring and surround sound music mixing for picture. As such, HHB also supplied TC Electronic TM7 TouchMonitors stand-alone loudness meters and the LM2 Loudness and True-Peak Meter software, in addition to SoundField surround sound microphones, new plug-ins and processing equipment.
The University’s School of Media Production and Performance carried out this extensive upgrade over the summer 2013 break. When relocating the studios to the new Gateway building in 2009, some legacy recording equipment had to be reinstalled. The recent introduction from Avid made it the perfect time to complete the upgrade. HHB’s technical engineers successfully supplied and installed the software upgrades and new hardware.
Buckinghamshire New University’s Course Leader, Audio & Music Production Warren Bassett comments:
“We have been working on the updates to our studios since we moved into the new Gateway facilities, and the introduction of Pro Tools 11 was the final step in making them truly state-of-the-art rooms with the tools to help our students succeed. We have a long-standing relationship with HHB and have always been impressed with their technical expertise and reliable service.”
HHB Educational Sales Manager Andrew Hingley adds:
“The final upgrades to Buckinghamshire’s studios make the technology in line with any professional studio in the world. We supplied them with a diverse range of equipment, from software and hardware upgrades to microphones and metering equipment. They are very impressive facilities and I am pleased we have been able to help them with the next stage of development.”
It is good to see Buckingham University accepting the advice from HHB and setting a good example by investing in professional equipment so that their students can learn on decent equipment.