Sounds In Sync Get Ready For OSX Mavericks

11-06-2013 03:01 PM

Mark Franken at Sounds In Sync told us…
We are currently updating all our applications for OS X Mavericks compatibility. We will release these once they are fully tested with the new version of Pro Tools (that is compatible with Mavericks). Meanwhile, if you require a pre-release version of any of our updated applications, request a copy via our contact page.
Existing users upgrade Free Until November 30th
EdiLoad v2 license holders can upgrade to version 3 free of charge before the end of November 2013. To upgrade, go to the Buy/Download page on the Sounds In Sync web site, launch the web store and purchase an EdiLoad v3 upgrade.
Exclusive Pro Tools Expert Introductory Offer - 25% off
Here at Pro Tools Expert, on our Deals page we are able to offer EdiLoad v3 for £399 for a very limited period. So if you do any conforming or re-conforming then do check it out. Check out the video above to see what you can do with EdiLoad v3.