Community Tip - A Faster Way To Remove Low Level Noise From Finger Clicks

11-06-2013 10:00 AM

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community. Here is one from Denis Kilty….
With Pro Tools 11, we now have the ability to bounce and bring back in in one movement, an audio stem. This bounce feature can be useful in many ways, but one way I discovered this evening is a quick tool for cleaning up the noise floor in ttracks.
I was recording some finger clicks for a track, and had the gain quite high so that the clicks could be recorded at a good level. However, my room creates a low frequency hum and noise that appears when really gained up (from my mac). My solution to quickly cleaning up the clicks is to put a gate on the clicks, adjust accordingly, and then offlline bounce the audio back in. A very quick process, it makes the strip silence tool (which I find very unreliable) obsolete, and the gate naturally treats the audio with a more musical tone, making it more prefeable. It also saves lots of editing, consolidating and CPU. Enjoy!
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