Blue Cat's Energy Pack - Lowest Price 33% Off Limited Stock

11-04-2013 01:01 PM

We’ve managed to secure an amazing new deal on the Blue Cat Energy Pack, normally £297 but for a limited period just £199. It’s a collection of some of the coolest dynamics plug-ins for Pro Tools including:

  1. Blue Cat’s DP Meter Pro
  2. Blue Cat’s Dynamics
  3. Blue Cat’s MB-5 Dynamix
  4. Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer
  5. Blue Cat’s Protector

Loyality Discount
Even better, as the pack includes the amazing Blue Cat MB7 that you recently purchased, anyone who bought the Blue Cat Audio MB-7 from us can get all your money back in an additional loyalty discount. We have sent everyone who bought a copy of MB-7 an email with your loyality discount code, so please do check your email for your discount code. If anyone who bought an MB7 doesn’t receive the email then please to get in touch with us and we can check you against the database.
Check it out….