Exclusive Loop Loft Hunter Harland Bunker Sessions 49.00

11-02-2013 10:17 AM

Exclusive Loft Hunter Harland Bunker Sessions And Pro Tools Sessions for just £49.00, sales tax may be applied in some European countries.

Two modern-day legends. One amazing recording studio. Thousands of incredibly soulful, funky and “live” grooves recorded by Charlie Hunter and Eric Harland. The Bunker Sessions Bundle brings together all 3 volumes of this critically acclaimed series with over 13 gigabytes of content with the Deluxe Edition.

With six complete sessions ranging in styles from funk, hip hop, latin, cinematic, jazz and rock, The Bunker Sessions Bundle gives you total control over the grooves with format options including AIFF (Apple Loops), WAV, REX2 and Stylus RMX stereo loops, as well as the option for 13 channels of multitrack stems, allowing you to mix, eq, compress and effect every element of the drum kit, bass and guitar.
Deluxe Edition with Pro Tools Exclusive Session Templates
Exclusivel to Pro Tools Expert you will also get Pro Tools .ptf tempate sessions for all 6 sessions with effects using the stock Avid plug-ins, additional tracks for guitar, keys and vocals, as well as reverb, delay and chorus all ready to go so you can get creative straight from the start.
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