Community Tip - Winner From Podcast 88 - Using LED Lights

10-31-2013 10:00 AM

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community. Here is the winner from Podcast 88 from Justin Arey…
I have 11 canister/recessed lights in my basement studio where I had been using 40 watt incandescent bulbs for a total draw of 440 watts. I replaced them with 11 45 watt equivalent LED bulbs R20 (small reflector flood type) at $11.75 each at Costco. They use 8 watts per bulb for a total of 88 watts and a savings of 352 watts. The lights were slightly brighter and dimmer switches have been made specifically for dimmable LEDs so I thought I’d try one - a Lutron $20 dimmer. That was a mistake - the lights and the switch had no audible buzz, but plug in any single coil pickup guitar and you’ve got excessive EMI/RFI noise. So here’s another tip? Room too bright, turn one or two of your bulbs off by giving them a quarter turn. Not fancy I know, but it does the trick. LED bulbs are where we’re all headed, they save power, save money (about $2.50 a bulb per year) and they’ve finally become more affordable. But there’s one other really nice benefit to switching to LED bulbs. They produce less heat - they still get hot - but the heat doesn’t come off of the light but stays in the base of the bulb and, in my case, is drawn more upward. I have small rooms, so anything to cut down on extra heat is a good thing. Hope this might help others and, my advice, avoid dimmer switches - generally speaking they’re noise makers.
Jivey - I’m LED all the way in my studio. It costs a couple of £ to get switched but check out My Green Lighting in the UK who have LED or low energy lamps for most if not all fittings.

Mike - I am into LEDs too. I have track lighting in my studio and all the bulbs are now LED.
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