AAX Framework Helps To Iron Out AIR RTAS Issues

10-29-2013 08:02 PM

We reached out to AIR today to ask them if their was a definative list of bugs fixed in the new versions of the AIR IEP instruments. For example Structure no longer has the annoying browser hang bug and Strike now exports MIDI without it losing time in our tests.
Their response was interesting;
“Bug fixes from v1.3 to v2.0? It’s not that simple as Structure 2.0 is not simply a maintenance update, but rather a port to a completely new framework (RTAS to AAX). So many issues one could consider as “fixed” in 2.0 were not fixed but just do not appear in the AAX framework. Let me try to compile something for you, but maybe you have a list of issues from your users that I could review and indicate what is still an issue and what is no longer there.”
So it seems that AAX offers more than simple porting but the possibilty to remove issues that RTAS presented by its architecture. We already know that other developers are using AAX as an opportunity to streamline, improve existing plug-ins or both, one developer has told us their AAX versions will be far more efficient.
It’s also nice to see the AIR development team being so open to community feedback about possible bugs. So please use the comments to report any issues, either those you think remain from previoous incarnations or new ones. We will then complie the list and send it to them.