Structure Exclamation Marks Explained

10-26-2013 07:19 PM

Some users who are now using Structure 2 are concerned to see Yellow Exclamation marks showing in their patches, however the colour of those marks means completely different things.
Previous users of Structure may have seen red exclamation marks which indicates missing samples, it will then often prompt you to find those missing samples. You may not have seen yellow exclamation marks until this version.
However, yellow exclamation marks are less to worry about as long as you are not sending your projects elsewhere. A yellow mark simply means that the samples do not reside on your local or system drive. So if you use an external drive or have more than one drive inside your computer where your sample library lives, then you are going to see those yellow indicators when you load patches.

If this bothers you then you should do the following.

  • Go to set-up in Structure (see above)
  • Choose the Content option on the far right.
  • You will see “Copy Samples to Local Drive”
  • Create a folder on your system drive where Structure can store any copied content.
  • This has now created local folder for your content to be stored when you choose it.

To load the content locally then do the following.

  • Click on ‘Patch’ as shown above.
  • Choose the last option on the menu.
  • Then choose the option that best suits your situation.
  • Personally I just choose the ‘All Patches’ option.

If you want to take your session elsewhere then you should do the following.

  • Locate your session folder for the Pro Tools session you are using.
  • Create a new folder a call it something like “Structure Patches”.
  • Copy the patches you are using into that folder, do not move them.
  • Navigate to the folder in Structure and reload the patches.
  • The exclamation marks will disappear.
  • One issue to note - if you do take your session to another computer is this. If you use any of the protected content and the computer you use does not have it then it will not load, even if you copy it. Previously the Structure content was iLok protected, now it uses a PACE wrapper but not iLok, so you can’t simply take your iLok with you.

I would like to see an option in Structure so I could turn the warning off, perhaps in a later version, but it does stop us all from making a silly mistake of sending a project elsewhere with missing samples.