Exponential Audio Advise Caution With OS X Mavericks

10-26-2013 12:16 PM

Our friend Michale Carnes at awesome reverb company Exponential Audio has posted this note on their Facebook wall.
This week, Apple released a new version of OSX. It has many benefits and looks like a winner. Apple is urging users to upgrade quickly. The price of ‘free’ makes that very attractive. Many of you may have already done so. For those who haven’t, allow me to advise caution. Apple has tested this system intensively, and I’ve tested with a Beta version myself for a while. But version 1 of any operating system will always have problems that don’t show up until after release.

I have had a handful of problem reports from early adopters. Whether these are bugs in my plugins, bugs in workstation programs, or growing pains with ‘Mavericks’, I can’t yet say. But if you can, give me a chance to investigate. I’ve just moved my primary development system to Mavericks so that I’ll have a better chance to spot any issues. I’m sure the entire developer community will be busy over the next month or two. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see one or two rapid updates from Apple. That’s usually the way this works.

If you decided to take the plunge already, I hope your system is running smoothly. If you’re hanging back, please watch my website as well as the sites of other developers you may depend upon. Thanks for your attention!

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