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    Post Sound Professionals - Our Job May Be Putting Us Into An Early Grave

    Sound Professionals - Our Job May Be Putting Us Into An Early Grave

    10-26-2013 11:13 AM

    For most of us our days are spent sat in front of mixers, or computers. In fact the producer’s chair has long been seen as an ulitmate cool. It seems it’s not the sex and drugs and rock and roll that will get us in a grave these days, but simply sitting down all day.
    I’ve been watching a new BBC TV show “Trust Me I’m A Doctor” and I was shocked to see the results of the kind of lifestyle most of us live - sat down all day.
    The show ran a test on a group that would normally sit behind desks all day and instead had them stood at higher desks. The results are rather spectacular. The week of standing at their desks didn’t make the office workers walk around more, as some predicted it might. However, just the act of standing up raised their heart rates by a tiny amount – which, when averaged over the days, weeks and months leads to the equivalent number of calories burned as if they’d run about 10 marathons in the year.*
    So, do we need to rethink the design of our workstations and recording studios, or would we rather be cool and less healthy? Discuss.
    * From the BBC
    * Image The ‘Duck Dynasty’ crew installs standing desks in their office. (Photo: A&E)

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    This is a good point. When I mix live, I stand up. Sometimes, if it's an all day event, I can be stood, walking, lifting heavy gear, plugging in equipment for 12 hours or more.

    On the rare occasions that I work in the studio I am sat down all the time. About the most energetic thing I do all day is fart.

    You studio guys are so unfit. :P

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