Want To See A Monster Avid S6 Console?

10-25-2013 12:39 PM

We are going to partnering with our friends at RSPE to bring up to date information about the Avid S6 console. They will be bringing news and their specialist team will be helping us to answer questions that the community may have. So if you have questions then send them in or leave them in the comments.
If you missed the S6 at AES then Don Polus was on the spot as the new Avid S6 was debuted at AES NY. He says “For the first 2 days, you had to push past the pack of people that crowded around the S6. The oLED knobs combined with the touch panels on the center section will revolutionize the mixing interface”.
Even some of the die-hard ICON owner-operators were truly impressed once they were walked through the features. The S6 area of the booth was as busy as any Avid booth has ever been. We spotted both home and commercial studio clients as well as a couple of universities frothing over the blazing lights that lit the Avid booth up like a small city.

When speaking to a group of faculty from one West Coast University, it was evident that one of them had lost control of the motor functions in their lower jaw, probably due to the excitement generated from the S6 (also known as the ‘gone gaga’ effect).

In the meantime, check out the rendering of the actual configuration at the top (click on the image to enlarge) of a pre-ordered for Lotus Post in Santa Monica, Ca. A lot of consideration had gone into the S6 that is destined to land at Lotus, we measure 20 feet wide! Their workflow has been an ongoing evolution for years (and over 100 projects). This is the brainchild spawned by Lotus partners Michael Perricone, David Pincus and Avid/Euphonix guru, Richard McKernan.
If you live in LA then give them a call to get an early peek at the Avid System 6. Call Sonya or Thomas at RSPE Audio to book your preview. You can get an in depth ‘walk through’ in early November right here in Los Angeles! Call 855-832-1032 to reserve your spot, space is VERY limited.
If you are in the UK and Europe then contact our friends at HHB Scrub or Medispec.