Sounds In Sync Announce the Closure of EdiTrace Web Site

10-25-2013 12:11 PM

EdiTrace is dead, long live EdiLoad v3
Editrace was a web site where you could submit EDLs to assist the reconforming process and after more than 10 years of service Sounds in Sync have closed the EdiTrace web site down. What they have done is to roll all the features that the EdiTrace site offerd into the new version of EdiLoad so you can now do all your conformting and re-conforming in one place and thats on your computer with EdiLoad v3.
Upgrade Options
Sounds In Sync have announced that users who have purchased an EdiLoad v2 license are eligible for a free upgrade to EdiLoad v3 before the end of November 2013. Any EdiTrace users that didn’t purchase EdiLoad v2 but made payments to use the EdiTrace website within the last two years (18 Oct 2011 to 18 Oct 2013) can receive a 30% discount to purchase EdiLoad v3 an this offer closes at the end of 2013.
Great News
But any EdiTrace users can get EdiLoad v3 with a 50% discount if you go to our Deals page.
Want to know more?
If you want to know more about EdiLoad v3 and see the new features in action then you can watch this video.