AIR IEP Buying Experience Survey

10-21-2013 01:46 PM

We continue to work behind the scenes with our contacts at inMusic to try and help all of our community who continue to struggle in an effort to either buy, download or install the new AIR IEP plug-ins.
Forgive my delay in trying to get more answers, however as many of you are aware I have been dealing with a family tragedy for the last week and so have not been able to give this issue my attention.
I have just come off another call with inMusic and have put to them the ongoing concerns of the community to one of the UK team. Those questions and concerns will be discussed with their US team in the next few hours, one thing we are trying to do is get an interview for the podcast, no promises but we are pushing. In the meantime please consider completing this survey so we can get a sense of the main issues, this will then help us with our ongoing efforts to get to a complete solution for everyone.
Please not, this is not a poll so the results will not be instant, once we have a meaningful amount of responses then we promise to print the results. If you wish to comment then please join the conversation here.