Wave Rider v3 From Quiet Arts Exclusive Deal On PTE 69 - 25% off

10-21-2013 12:04 PM

Wave Rider is an RTAS & AAX plugin. Watch Mike’s Show & Tell Video to see it in action. It is a virtual fader controller utility that applies intelligent volume adjustments to the Pro Tools faders to maintain consistent levels, and perform ducking, gating, and automatic mixing duties. It has a vast use in audio post production as well as music recordings. Now available for both Mac and Windows. Pro Tools 7 to 11
Wave Rider first became publicly available for Pro Tools users back in March 2009. It’s a unique and innovative RTAS/AAX plugin that detects audio signal levels on the inserted channel, and applies Pro Tools fader movements as needed. Since its release, it evolved into a much improved tool thanks to user feedback.
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Here’s an overview of its functions:
Ride mode

  1. In this default mode, Wave Rider’s level detecting algorithm automatically raises or lowers the fader level to maintain a user selectable output level by writing volume automation on the timeline. User can then alter the volume automation as needed. Makes maintaining dialnorm levels a breeze! Check out the TIPS page for example scenarios.

Duck mode

  1. This function will lower the signal of a target track by a user selectable amount if there’s signal present on the inserted track. Narration and announcements over music as heard on radio channels rely on keyed compressors with poor results, now cooler with Wave Rider.

Park on silence

  1. This is a function you’ll find in Automatic Mixer boxes. The faders are parked at a user defined low level when there’s little signal, and they come up to full output when there’s strong signal present, maintaining a steady output level. Particularly useful in situations where there are a lot of mics open and you want to have the cleanest signal without much background noise. Park mode can also be used in situations to replace a noise gate.

Trace mode

  1. Trace function is practically the opposite of what the Ride function is. It actually makes volume graphs of the envelope of the signal. This helps you to copy the dynamics of a signal to another track. Pretty useful when trying to combine 2 sounds together seamlessly.

….Wave Rider has given back DAYS of my life!
….I’m addicted to Wave Rider… I own three copies. I can’t mix a show without it now!!
….Waverider is invaluable to me in my day to day workflow.
….this plugin can ride a fader better than anyone. I don’t care who you are.
….I just setup Wave Rider for my initial pass while I’m eating lunch. I come back and it is ready for me to start to fine tune. I think of it as my own personal assistant. :-)
Wave Rider v3 is compatible with Pro Tools 10.3.6 and up including Pro Tools 11.
Command 8 can’t be active concurrently with Wave Rider.
Download the demo version that does not expire. It will give you a fully functional Wave Rider with momentary interruptions (fader will go to infinity for a few seconds).
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