Paul Wolff Joins the Slate Media Technology Team

10-19-2013 06:54 PM

Slate Media Technology announced today that Paul Wolff will be joining the team as a Hardware and Design Specialist on the RAVEN Multi-Touch Console series and other soon to be announced products.
Wolff’s extensive experience in the industry brings more than 35 years of experience and leadership, including his work at API and Tonelux, two well known companies that he owned that provided large format recording consoles to studios and production facilities.
Steven Slate said “Paul Wolff has long been one of my idols in the audio industry. His vast industry knowledge, manufacturing experience, and general genius have already proven to be an asset to the entire team. We look forward to enhancing the product lines using his expertise and guidance.”
Paul Wolff said about this unique opportunity: “I don’t work with people that I don’t believe in. This product blew me away on so many levels, the main one was imagining how much time I could save which translated directly to how much more creative time I have for the artist. My frustration with controllers are the pages and layers, and that knob that was once this, now it’s that. Now you can press an insert, and your plug in pops up. It’s like having your assistant hand you your outboard gear and then returning it to the rack. Mixing with many faders at once, need I explain that?”
The RAVEN series of multi- touch consoles consist of the RAVEN MTX, a 46” Large Format console that includes a state of the art monitor section, and the RAVEN MTi, a small 27” console that uses the same ultra responsive touch technology. Both consoles share the RAVEN Control software, which adds multi-touch capability to digital audio workstations, allowing engineers to turn the workstation into a world class control surface.