Microsoft Release Windows 8.1

10-17-2013 09:28 PM

Microsoft have today released the much anticipated 8.1 update of the Windows operating system.
“Much anticipated” mainly because with the update users can now boot straight to the desktop, plus the much loved start button is back.
It seems that many users could not get used to pressing their keyboards “start” key or finding apps by starting to type its name and just wanted things back the way they were used to with previous OS versions.
Well Microsoft listened and delivered, they have also, as expected included refinements and bug fixes to what already feels to me like the most solid and speedy version of the OS so far.
I’ve not seen any word from Avid yet about compatibility but I’m sure plenty of people are used to “flying by the seat of their pants” and taking Windows updates at their own risk without waiting for Avids say so.
So expect success (or not) stories to filter through in the next few weeks, - My advice if you want to go for it is to make a full system restore backup before you do and you’ll have something to come back to if things dont turn out so peachy.