Soundtoys Place Release Versions Of AAX 64 Bit Plug-ins In Users Accounts

10-17-2013 09:21 AM

Soundtoys have quietly placed release versions of their plug-ins in users accounts. However when I download my installer there is still no Pitch Doctor or Speed.
In the TDM Effects Bundle AAX installer there are Crystallizer, Decapitator, Echoby, FilterFreak1, FilterFreak2, PanMan, PhaseMistress and Tremolator.
Also still Mac only for AAX 64 bit.
Other plug-ins also available are Little Microshift, Little Radiator, Radiator, Devil-Loc and Devil Loc Deluxe.
For me personally the two plug-ins I am really waiting for are the ones that are missing. Pitch Doctor was my preferred pitch correction software and I was hopeful that it would be included but unfortunately not but it progress in the right direction.